Video art pioneer occupies the planetarium at ArtRio 2015

Stan VanDerBeek’s movie compilation is 4 hours long and simulates a night of dreams, including nightmares, disjointed voices and images. Assembly is exhibited at Planetário do Rio and has free transport from Pier Mauá for ArtRio visitors.

Experimental cameraman Stan VanDerBeek’s project was first shown in 1972 and is still at the forefront of video art today. Through the compilation of 41 films, in multimedia projection, the artist proposes the simulation of a night’s sleep, including nightmares, abstract images and the period of R.E.M, a pattern of deep sleep. Especially designed for screenings in planetariums, the pay-TV company SKY takes advantage of the close relationship between its name and the project to bring the montage called Cine Dreams: Future Cinema of the Mind for the first time to Brazil.

Curated by the artist’s Estate, nationally curated by Danniel Rangel and produced by Mega Cultural, the version brought to Rio de Janeiro consists of the simultaneous exhibition of multimedia films at the planetarium’s dome, generating a spectacle that seeks to interrelate the images to the cinema of mind, as “mental movies”, according to the artist.

Curator: Danniel Rangel
Location: Fundação Planetário – RJ
Date: 2015