Miles Aldridge – A Dazzling Beauty

Vibrant, ultra-colorful, full of humor and with refined aesthetics, the work of English photographer Miles Aldridge does not go unnoticed by the public. Since his appearances on the covers and pages of the prestigious Italian Vogue and his campaigns for the cosmetics brand MAC, there is no denying that, as a “good pirate”, this Englishman has always known “smuggle art into fashion”, making each one of his images an iconic reference – drawing inspiration from classic painting or Technicolor-era “Golden Age of Hollywood” movies.

Miles is a contemporary photographer, but who follows the lines of the great masters of the 20th century – he takes care of every detail: from scenery, makeup, model and, finally, fashion. Extremely demanding, he follows the school of legend Richard Avedon and surrealist Erwin Blumenfeld, who was called “the color wizard” in the 1940s when he arrived in New York.

His ultra-colored “punk rock” style is a reflection of his English roots – which blend in with the perfect plastic. Presented for the first time in Brazil, his work reflects his journey through the world of photography, films and fashion from the beginning of this millennium to the present day. The colors of the exhibition announce a hot summer full of stories that will take place in the capital that launches fashion for the whole country.

Curator: Danniel Rangel
Date: Oct/2016