Artist: Maria Nepomuceno
Curated: Danniel Rangel
Location: HigienĂ³polis, SP

The Sacred Feminine

The Big Bang or Great Expansion is the name of the dominant cosmological theory about the early development of the universe. As well as the work of the artist Maria Nepomuceno for the Artium Institute. Like a cosmic explosion that continues to expand throughout the neoclassical architecture of the building in HigienĂ³polis, it is born with all its strength inside and organically expands to the garden, where it meets nature, taking all its artistic fertility in free forms that sleep peacefully in the serene of nights, to continue on their way in the morning.

Volcanic forms pulsate inside the main room, like a living organism, full of veins, capillaries and arteries – which refer us not only to our body, but also to the universe and the planet – confirming the theory of the Greek God Hermes of Trismegistus: ” What is below is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below.”

Infinite shapes made from recycled ropes by the artist give light to various elements and colors, proving that we are part of a whole that is completely interconnected by a pulsating force and that makes us expand – just like the Cosmos – and the spectator just needs to identify- whether or be absorbed completely by hungry mouths and tentacles that snake through space.

Vulvas, phallic shapes, bodies that intertwine without limits, free just like in the womb of the beloved mother, full of fertility – but also like a divine laboratory from which beings are born that multiply in the Universe created by Maria.

Materials already used by the artist, which are now her trademark, such as straw, beads, gourds, ceramics and wood, are harmoniously combined. Free forms that make us think about the human body, gestation and an abundant nature – like a hive of boiling bees or fungi that proliferate everywhere. After all, everything is movement.

Democratic, colorful and lively like Carnival, where everything and everyone mixes to celebrate the flesh, the body and pagan sexuality. Big Bang Boca is nothing more than a reflection of the personality of the artist who, in addition to being from Rio, grew up in this very Brazilian cosmos of “Macunaima” , happy, full of diversity and not afraid to explain herself.

A hint of surrealism could not be missing: giant wooden spoons mix all these elements by the hands of the Gods, feeding and at the same time transforming everything that is there over the days – because nothing in this artist’s work is permanent.

Danniel Rangel